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Correct selection method of DC-DC power module

How to correctly select a DC-DC power supply module with high stability has the advantage that it can reduce the time required for R & D personnel to design, enable R & D personnel to focus on their own product field, optimize the product, shorten the product R & D and verification time, enable the product to quickly go on the market, and obtain leading and winning business opportunities in the market. Therefore, it is necessary for us to discuss this aspect.
1. efficiency:
The loss of the system in standby mode is also one of the topics that have been paid attention to in recent years. In some applications, the system operation time in standby mode is relatively long, and the power module with low standby loss is a good choice; Jetekps new series products can greatly reduce the power loss during standby and improve the overall efficiency under different load conditions, meeting the latest energy-saving needs after special treatment and design.
2. operating temperature:
Different temperature grades will affect the design and selection of materials used in the power module. Choosing an appropriate temperature grade is a very important consideration, which will affect the stability and reliability of the dc/dc power module. If the system operating temperature exceeds the range of use of the dc/dc power module, the module will fail in serious cases. If the product is operated at the limit of the temperature range, it is necessary to reduce the load for use, Or provide appropriate heat dissipation design, such as increasing convection wind speed or adding heat sink, to ensure the stability of the product.
3. input voltage:
When selecting the input voltage, pay attention to whether the voltage provided by the front-end power supply changes within the voltage range that the DC-DC power supply module can operate. Therefore, the power supply module with double voltage input or quadruple voltage input can be selected depending on the voltage change and stability of the front-end power supply. High or low input voltage may cause abnormal operation or damage of dc/dc power module, which must be paid special attention.
4. it is generally recommended that the actual power used by users should be 7~8 of the rated power. Under this principle, the dc/dc power module has better performance, longer service life and more benefits.
5. the working frequency of DC-DC power supply module is divided into two types, one is fixed frequency, and the other is variable frequency.
The frequency of variable frequency dc/dc power supply module will change with different input voltage and load conditions.
When using low-power products, frequency conversion design is a good choice. The advantages and disadvantages of fixed frequency and frequency conversion depend on the actual application of customers. Generally speaking, fixed frequency products will be easier to handle EMI.

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