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One of the power modules discussed by Guangzhou jiante: in 2014, the switching power module presenteGuangzhou jiante Electronics Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the summit forum of "intelligenGuangzhou jiante Electronics Co., Ltd. appears at the 2015 Shanghai Electronics Exhibition in MunichLi Kun, general manager of Guangzhou jiante electronics, visited the intelligent travelJIANTE Electronics: the invisible strong among module power supply manufacturers


Market development and forecast of ChinaMainstream module power supply technology and developmentBusiness opportunities brought by the construction of power grid to the power industryThe traditional UPS power supply will be the same as the emerging flywheel UPS power supply

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Module power supply replaces switching power supplyAdvantages of power moduleRipple and noise testWhat is the module power supply? Characteristics of the module power supplyRational use of module power supplyCorrect selection method of DC-DC power module


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