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The traditional UPS power supply will be the same as the emerging flywheel UPS power supply

With the development of the power industry, different power supplies have different uses. The emerging flywheel UPS power supply will be the same as the traditional UPS power supply.
At present, a new technology has emerged in the UPS power supply industry to replace the traditional lead-acid battery ups. For the newly-built large-scale data centers abroad, the spectacular scene of the common stupid and heavy batteries occupying the first floor in the past shows a trend of being replaced by the flywheel. The advantages of flywheel in energy saving and environmental protection are gradually recognized. However, relevant experts pointed out that flywheel ups will coexist with traditional UPS for a long time.
Clear advantages of flywheel UPS
The data shows that the advantages of flywheel ups are very obvious. The flywheel UPS completely discards the traditional battery, which is completely pollution-free, emission free and 100% acceptable. It can easily complete the establishment of the data intermediate green power supply system. One power supply system using active power can reduce 818 tons of CO2 emissions per year. Since 2000, active power has eliminated the use of more than 1.9 million lead-acid batteries (about 27000 tons of lead) and reduced the emission of more than 800000 tons of CO2, which is in line with the world trend of low-carbon world economy.
The system is more reliable. From the perspective of core components, the battery is the source of 90% of hidden troubles. The third-party data shows that the reliability of flywheel UPS is 7 times higher than that of traditional UPS; For the diesel generator problem that some people worry about, active power flywheel UPS presents a great difficulty. Its patented product genstart is selected, and the success rate of unit startup is 50 times higher than that of the original one; In addition, the flywheel UPS system provides an accurate and comprehensive monitoring system, while the battery in the traditional UPS system cannot achieve accurate monitoring.
The system is more economical. The flywheel UPS uses the vacuum high-speed magnetic levitation flywheel for physical energy storage to improve the power utilization. The power loss is less than 2% under full load; At half load, the power utilization rate is more than 96%. Reduce energy consumption by nearly 75%, and the resulting power savings should not be underestimated; At the same time, the flywheel UPS does not need air conditioning, which can save 100% of the independent refrigeration equipment and refrigeration energy consumption provided for the battery; The floor area of flywheel UPS is about 50% of that of traditional UPS, which can save more than 50% of the floor cost. The larger the system capacity, the greater the saving ratio; It is easy to maintain and manage. According to the data, the failure rate of traditional UPS is 3% in the first year, 5% in the second year and 31% in the third year. Therefore, it is necessary to detect the charging capacity every month or even every half month. For the monitoring of a large number of battery packs in large data centers, the maintenance and management of IBM minicomputers is quite tedious. The flywheel UPS does not need maintenance. It only needs to monitor the flywheel speed from the terminal equipment, which reduces the management complexity and saves the labor cost.
Green and environmentally friendly, the battery pack will cause chemical pollution to the environment throughout its life cycle from production, use to recycling and degradation, and the flywheel UPS completely avoids this phenomenon.
Complete replacement will take time
For large data centers, the advantages of flywheel ups are very obvious. However, in the Chinese market, flywheel UPS is still a new thing, and everyone is generally waiting and waiting. The separation of operation and procurement, insufficient attention to green environmental protection, and innovation risk have become the main reasons restricting flywheel ups from entering the Chinese market. To change this situation, we must not do it overnight. Some experts pointed out that the two will go hand in hand for a period of time. Of course, in the eleventh five year plan, China actively advocates and promotes the use of renewable power to develop a low-carbon economy based on low energy consumption, low pollution and low emissions, which has become an inevitable choice to complete the sustainable development of China's social economy.

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