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Module power supply replaces switching power supply

The power module is realized with the idea of switching power supply, and their principles are no different.
The advantages of the power module are small size, high conversion efficiency and better stability. The switching power supply can achieve greater power, and the cost of the switching power supply will be relatively small, but the volume is relatively large, the conversion efficiency is low, and the stability is not as high as the power module.
There are two types: step-down and step-up. Here we only talk about step-down. For example, if you input 10V to DC-DC, there is an oscillator and chopper module inside DC-DC. For example, 10V is allowed to pass in one time period and 10V is not allowed to pass in another time period (equal to 0V). At the output end, there is a capacitor for filtering. As long as the capacitance is large enough, the result is equal to calculus the pulse waveform in the middle and output a 5V DC waveform. Compared with the voltage stabilizing module, this step-down process avoids the consumption of electric energy on the step-down module to a greater extent, and the output voltage (within 10V) can be changed by controlling the duty cycle of the internal oscillation part, Make its output constant (for example, a DC-DC power module specifies that the input range is 6V to 16V, and the output is 5V. As long as it is within this input range, the output is 5V, and the error is only a few tenths of a volt. However, the output of the voltage stabilizing module has a certain linear relationship with the input voltage, and the difference between the input 7V output voltage and the input 14V output voltage is relatively large).
Advantages of using power module:
Different suppliers launch a variety of different module power supplies in the market, and the input voltage, output power, function and topology of different products are different. Now the power module market is relatively mature, and there are many standard products, which can quickly help the electronic designer to quickly complete the power supply design circuit of the product. In terms of product design, Guangzhou jiante Electronics designs and manufactures products in full accordance with industry standards, which can meet the needs of power modules in most cases. At the same time, it will also transform and optimize the products according to the actual requirements of customers, so as to meet the personalized needs of customers as much as possible.
The use of power modules can save development time and enable products to be launched to the market faster. Therefore, power modules are superior to integrated solutions. The power module has the following advantages:
● small size: because the power module is also a kind of switching power supply, but it uses PCB boards and components with higher integration, and with reasonable layout and design, it has a great advantage in volume, which may effectively reduce the volume of the developed products.
● high stability: each module can be strictly tested to ensure its high reliability, including power on aging test, so as to eliminate unqualified products. In contrast, integrated solutions are more difficult to test because the entire power supply system is closely linked to other functional systems on the circuit. Each power module has undergone strict high-temperature test and aging, and the product performance is stable.
● customized design: different suppliers can design modules of the same size according to the existing technical standards, providing a variety of different options for engineers designing power supplies. That is, you can change the pin name, volume and shape of the product according to the characteristics of your product, so as to meet the needs of customers to a greater extent.
● high conversion efficiency: the power module is more efficient than the switching power supply, which can effectively reduce energy consumption. Efficient conversion and make the target products more competitive. It is also more in line with the current energy-saving development requirements of environmental protection products.
● 100% aging test: the design and test of each module are carried out in accordance with the provisions of standard performance, which helps to reduce the risk of adopting new technologies.
● easy to use and high maintenance efficiency: if an integrated solution is adopted, once the power supply system has problems, the whole motherboard needs to be replaced; If the modular design is adopted, only the problem module can be replaced, which helps to save cost and development time.
● wide application range: the products of power module are generally sealed with glue, and the products are not easy to be affected by the outside world, such as smoke, vibration, etc. Better adapt to different use environments. With more than 10 years of experience in power module design, Kent electronics has good product performance, stable quality and high cost performance. It is an ideal choice for you to use power module products.

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