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Business opportunities brought by the construction of power grid to the power industry

The construction and development of power grid will ease the contradiction between power supply and demand. The development of power industry provides a broad market for the high-voltage switching power supply industry. It is estimated that during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the total investment in power grid will reach 1.2 trillion yuan, and the annual average investment in power grid will increase by more than 90% compared with the annual average investment during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period. In addition, the power generation of the Three Gorges hydropower station, the large-scale urban power grid transformation required for Beijing's successful Olympic bid, the west to east gas transmission project, the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, the electrification railway transformation and other key projects will effectively start the construction of the distribution network. Especially with the rapid development of thermal power construction in the past two years, China's power transmission and distribution switch control equipment industry has maintained a rapid development trend. Since 2002, the annual sales revenue growth rate of the industry has always maintained a high level of about 30%. At present, the state has begun to build a 750 kV power grid over the 330 kV power grid in the northwest. It is expected that by 2020, 3000 ~ 5500 km of 750 kV transmission lines will be built in the northwest, with a transformation capacity of about 20million kVA. In addition, the State Grid is also actively building a 1000kV AC transmission demonstration project from Southeast Shanxi to Jingmen to Nanyang. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, the power grid company will also propose a DC transmission project with a total length of 4800 km and a transmission capacity of 12.36 million KW. It is estimated that by 2020, the total market of UHV AC and DC will be about 406billion yuan, including about 256billion yuan for AC and about 150billion yuan for DC.
Driven by the above factors, China's power transmission and distribution equipment industry will maintain a long business cycle, providing great development opportunities and huge market space for enterprises in the industry. As an important power transmission and distribution equipment, high-voltage switching power supply has a great dependence on the power industry.
The construction of power grid brings benefits to transformer manufacturers
Transformer is an important equipment for power distribution, which mainly includes two parts: the transmission transformer running in the main power grid and the distribution transformer running in the terminal. Under the strong impetus of power construction, the economic operation of the transformer industry in China has maintained a good development trend. By the end of 2007, China's installed capacity will reach 638million kilowatts. If the annual installed capacity is conservatively estimated to increase by 6%, the annual installed capacity will increase by 38million kilowatts, and the transformer capacity demand will be 460million kVA.
The power grid construction during the 11th five year plan has set off a new market for power transmission and transformation equipment. Only from the representative enterprises in the transformer industry, it is not difficult to see that they have not only made great achievements in the construction of key projects such as West to East power transmission, north-south mutual supply and cross regional networking in recent years.
TBEA has become the only "dual material" supplier of UHV. On december27,2006, good news came from Beijing State Grid Corporation. In the signing of the main equipment contract for China's first 1000 kV Southeast Shanxi Nanyang Jingmen UHV AC test demonstration project, TBEA became the only enterprise to undertake the development tasks of 1000 kV transformer and reactor, and signed a 200 million yuan UHV product development contract with the State Grid Corporation of China.
In recent years, TBEA has been fully participating in and supporting the construction of UHV projects. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the company invested 1billion yuan in the transformation of "double million" UHV technology. By introducing, digesting and absorbing UHV technology and equipment, it has initially possessed the research and development capability of "domestic leading and world-class" million volt transformer, reactor and transformer products. By carrying out a large number of research on the structural schemes of 1000 kV transformer and shunt reactor, 1000 kV test transformer and 500 kV controllable reactor prototype have been successfully developed. At the same time, the company has also undertaken the research and development of key energy projects at home and abroad, such as the Three Gorges project, the Northwest 750 kV high voltage demonstration project, and the first set of products exported to the national main power grid of the United States, such as ultra-high voltage and super large capacity main transformers. It has accumulated some experience in the research, development and manufacturing of cutting-edge power transmission and transformation products, and cultivated a relatively mature R & D and manufacturing team.
Pinggao electric, the three indicators reached a record high. Since the second half of last year, in view of the new situation that the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) has implemented centralized bidding for products above 220 kV, the company has reviewed the situation and changed its marketing strategy, timely adopted effective strategies, and quickly adapted to the transformation of the bidding mode of SGCC. Therefore, in the first seven tenders of State Grid Corporation of China in 2006, corresponding good results were achieved. By the beginning of 2007, three economic indicators of Henan PingGao Electric Co., Ltd. had reached a record high: the new contract amount was 1.89 billion yuan, the product shipment amount was 1.6 billion yuan, and the fund recovery amount was 1.6 billion yuan. In the centralized bidding conducted by State Grid Corporation of China, Pinggao electric took the initiative and did it in strict accordance with various requirements. Finally, Pinggao electric was highly recognized by State Grid Corporation of China and won the contract order of more than 100million yuan at one stroke. The winning projects include 220 kV gis5 sets, 53 220 kV circuit breakers, 4 550 kV circuit breakers and other products with high technical content.
Kangjia (Shenyang) mutual inductor, the new product is "connected to the network" for operation. At the beginning of 2007, TBEA Kangjia (Shenyang) Transformer Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid for the substation project in the eighth batch of centralized bidding procurement of State Grid Corporation of China. Organized by China Machinery Industry Federation and composed of more than 60 experts including State Grid Corporation of China and Electric Power Design Institute, the professional review committee appraised nine new products of the company, including oil immersed inverted current transformers, electromagnetic voltage transformers and combined transformers with three voltage levels of 500kV, 220kV and 110kV. It is agreed that the nine new products have excellent performance, their comprehensive technical indicators have reached the international advanced level, and fully meet the conditions for grid operation.
Hengyang special transformer, including the order of million volt reactor at Jingmen station. At the beginning of 2007, TBEA Hengyang Transformer Co., Ltd. won the contract for four 1000 kV reactors in Jingmen station with strong strength in the bidding for the main equipment of China's first UHV AC test demonstration project. As the first 1000 kV AC UHV project in China, the adoption of a number of pioneering technologies will greatly promote the cultivation and improvement of core competitiveness of China's power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing enterprises, especially provide important opportunities for the balance substation. In recent years, Heng transformer has been actively and fully participating in and supporting UHV project construction. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the company invested 600million yuan in the transformation of "double million" UHV technology, successfully developed the first batch of 750kV reactors, 1200kv test transformers and other UHV products in China, made major breakthroughs in some key technologies that have long restricted the manufacturing level of China's power transmission and transformation equipment, and realized the localization of major equipment, Thus ending the history that UHV Transformer Products in China can not be made locally.
The construction of power grid makes generator set manufacturers profit
According to China's future hydropower development goals, the installed capacity of hydropower will reach 150million kW by 2015, accounting for 28% of the country's total installed capacity from the current 24%. In the national "western development" strategy, the primary task of the power industry is to actively develop the hydropower resources in the West and realize the "west to East power transmission". Hydropower construction will enter a golden development period of 10 years. Focus on the development of large-scale Francis turbine generator units with a capacity of more than 500000 kW and 300000 kW pumped storage units. Relevant enterprises will certainly benefit from the broad market demand.
Finally, the power reform has also brought new development opportunities for enterprises. The introduction of the power market system after the power reform will break the traditional vertical unified mode, promote the application of new technologies, strengthen the construction of power informatization and automation, enable power enterprises to improve services, reduce prices and improve power quality in a fair competition environment, provide value-added services for power users, make them truly benefit, and improve social benefits as a whole, So that the power enterprises themselves can obtain more profit space. Truly realize the win-win situation of power enterprises, power users and power industry solution providers.
For the manufacturers who provide power information and automation services, the reform of the power system has brought new opportunities, but also put forward new requirements for the products and services provided by the manufacturers. Increase investment in new product research and development and improvement of existing products, and increase product lines in the field of power informatization and automation, so as to meet the new requirements under the new situation of power system reform, and make it truly a provider of complete solutions for power informatization and automation.

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