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JIANTE Electronics: the invisible strong among module power supply manufacturers

Li Kun, general manager of Guangzhou jiante Electronics Co., Ltd
Intelligent instrumentation: Hubin

Foreword: on the evening of December 12, 2013, the list of winners in the 2013 China economic annual people selection was announced. Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, and dongmingzhu, chairman and President of Gree Electric won the awards. Under the wonderful chairmanship of CCTV host chenweihong, "soft and strong" Lei Jun and "Iron Lady" dongmingzhu made another bet in front of the people of the country: whether Xiaomi's sales will exceed Gree Electric within five years, and the gambling capital will be upgraded to 1billion! In fact, it is also an important debate whether the enterprise is marketing or manufacturing?
With the rapid growth of China's power module market, the competition in the domestic power module industry has also been quite fierce in recent years. The influx of a large number of new power manufacturers and the increasing pursuit of customers for the cost performance of power products have accelerated the "white hot" of the product price war. Everyone has thrown their own marketing magic weapons to compete for market share. However, Guangzhou jiante Electronics Co., Ltd., a power module manufacturer, has been devoted to the R & D and innovation of magnetoelectric isolation technology and the production and manufacturing of power modules for six years, and has created high-quality dc/dc module power series products, becoming an invisible strong manufacturer in the module power industry.
Intelligent instruments and meters: the competition in China's power module industry is quite fierce. The industry is undergoing continuous "reshuffle" and reconstruction. How does Lite electronics cope with and stand on?
President Li: according to the survey data of relevant institutions, the total sales volume of China's power module Market in 2013 was about 4.447 billion yuan, which will maintain a growth rate of about 11% in the next few years. By 2015, this value will jump to 5.514 billion yuan. On the whole, China's power module market shows a trend of rapid development. From the overall product supply situation, some manufacturers in the industry reflect that the current market is in a state of oversupply for most of the time, which also makes the product prices all the way down. Many power module manufacturers are facing unprecedented cost pressure. In the face of this challenge, on the one hand, jiante electronics requires enterprises to strengthen their ability to control product costs; On the other hand, through a series of measures such as technology research and development, process innovation and lean production, we can improve our core competitiveness with our own technical strength and perfect services.
Jiante electronics has built a few domestic manufacturers with plastic packaging, potting and enveloping power supply, as well as micro spot welding, laser marking, lead-free production and workshop temperature and humidity control systems; The product adopts ceramic thick film circuit with excellent performance, world-famous brand electronic chip components, high-quality magnetic core materials, high-quality resin, and advanced SMT technology; The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and ISO14001-2004 environmental management system certification. With large-scale, fine and institutionalized operation, Kente electronics and its power module products are deeply loved by customers in various industries for their outstanding high reliability, high stability and high cost performance.
Intelligent instruments and meters: Kent electronics has been focusing on the R & D and production of power modules and has made great progress. What are the characteristics and advantages of Kent Electronics?
President Li: jiante Electronics was founded in 2008. We have a team of senior research and development engineers. It is an enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales. The company pays close attention to the needs of customers. The R & D personnel, sales personnel and customers have always maintained close communication and contact to meet the various needs of our customers. The company always takes improving the stability of products as our work focus, and insists on continuous improvement in technology, so as to improve the reliable performance of products. In terms of equipment, we have professional high and low temperature test chamber, high temperature aging chamber, aging test system and automatic test system, which are highly professional and technical and can better monitor the quality and stability of products and fundamentally improve the quality of products.
Jiante electronic products are matched with a large number of key electronic components demanded by emerging industries such as rail transit, electric vehicles, smart grid, new energy, and the Internet of things, which are currently the focus of national development. The product quality and technical design comply with international standards, are compatible with most well-known brands at home and abroad, and can meet the working conditions in industrial environment such as vibration, humidity, high and low temperature. Over the past six years, the company's products have been widely verified and recognized in many industries, such as power control, communication equipment, instruments, medical equipment, industrial control, automotive electronics, security monitoring, radio and television instruments, military equipment, etc. thousands of products can fully meet the different needs of different customers for products.
Intelligent instruments and meters: you have been engaged in the research and development of the power module industry for a long time. Would you please briefly introduce your main direction for the development of the power module industry and Kent Electronics?
President Li: I am very optimistic about the development trend of modular power supply. Modular power supply is widely used in switching equipment, access equipment, mobile communication, microwave communication, optical transmission, routers and other communication fields, as well as automotive electronics, aerospace, etc. Because of the characteristics of short design cycle, high reliability and easy system upgrade, modular power supply is more and more widely used. Especially in recent years, due to the rapid development of data services and the continuous promotion of distributed power supply system, the increase of module power supply has exceeded that of primary power supply. With the extensive use of semiconductor technology, packaging technology and high-frequency soft switches, the power density of module power supply is getting larger and larger, the conversion efficiency is getting higher and higher, and the application is becoming simpler and simpler.
The communication industry has always been the market field with the largest use of power modules. In recent years, around 4G, data communication and storage, cloud computing, e-commerce, enterprise network and other applications, power products based on brick modules have been increasingly recognized by market participants. In addition, with the trend of miniaturization of equipment volume and gradual improvement of heat dissipation requirements, the design of power module products of Lite electronics should start from the switch topology to reduce the switch loss; Or adopt bus power architecture and non isolated module to achieve higher power density and conversion efficiency.
In addition, modularization, standardization, miniaturization and systematization are the overall demand of the market for power module products, and they are also an important direction for the future development of jiante electronics. Specifically, modularization makes product design and installation more convenient; Standardization can ensure customer compatibility, material selection and product upgrading; Miniaturization can save space and improve performance; Systematization helps customers form integrated solutions.
Postscript: the meeting with President Li was held at the summit forum of "intelligent technology innovation - intelligence around" hosted by Shenzhen intelligent Chemistry Society on November 30, 2013. I asked him to come. He drove from Guangzhou to Shenzhen and arrived at the meeting very early. We have known each other online since 2008. He did technical research and development and recommended power module manufacturers to us for publicity. At that time, I was only half joking. People like you who both know technology and attach importance to marketing should start their own companies. He said that he mainly works in OEM, but he didn't think so far. I didn't expect that he would settle down to do it for six years.
He repeatedly stressed that if you have good equipment, you can make good products if you have money? Products change dynamically. Good products need to be tested, improved and perfected continuously. They need to be tempered by a strong R & D team. They need to be achieved with care and time. All Kent electronics have always chosen to focus on R & D, production and OEM at the bottom of the product value chain. When I saw the shadow of Kent electronics at the Guangzhou International Power Products Exhibition and the 15th China International Industry Expo, I knew that everything had come naturally for the development of Kent electronics!

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