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One of the power modules discussed by Guangzhou Jetekps: in 2014, the switching power module present

With the rapid development of power electronic technology, the relationship between power electronic equipment and people's work and life has become increasingly close, and electronic equipment can not be separated from reliable power supply. In the 1980s, the computer power supply fully realized the switching power supply, and took the lead in completing the power generation of computers. In the 1990s, the switching power supply has successively entered the fields of various electronic and electrical equipment, such as the power supply of program-controlled switches, communications, electronic detection equipment Switching power supply has been widely used in control equipment power supply, which promotes the rapid development of switching power supply technology. Now, intelligent applications in emerging fields such as digital TV, led, it, security, high-speed rail and intelligent factory will also greatly promote the development of switching power supply market.

Switching power supply module is a new generation of switching power supply products, which is mainly used in many fields such as civil, industrial and military, including switching equipment, access equipment, mobile communication, microwave communication, optical transmission, router and other communication fields, automotive electronics, aerospace and so on. Because of the characteristics of short design cycle, high reliability and easy system upgrade, modular power supply is more and more widely used. Especially in recent years, due to the rapid development of data services and the continuous promotion of distributed power supply system, the increase of module power supply has exceeded that of primary power supply.

In 2014, consumer electronics, communication equipment, industrial applications, military industry and security will become the five main markets of switching power supply, promoting the rapid development of switching power supply module market. The switching power supply module Market in 2014 also showed four characteristics.

1、 Power density is not the highest but higher
With the extensive use of semiconductor technology, packaging technology and high-frequency soft switches, the power density of module power supply is getting larger and larger, the conversion efficiency is getting higher and higher, and the application is becoming simpler and simpler. The current new conversion and packaging technology can make the power density of the power supply exceed (50w/cm ³) , The power density is more than twice that of the traditional power supply, and the efficiency can exceed 90%. For example, VICOR recently announced the launch of the first chip (converter housed in package) platform power device module. This new chip bus converter module (BCM) provides power up to 1.2kW at 48 V output, with peak efficiency of 98% and power density of 1880w/in3 (115 w/cm ³)。 The breakthrough performance is 4 times higher than the power density of the same type of converters currently available in the market, allowing the data center, telecommunications, industry and other application fields to build an effective HVDC distribution infrastructure.

2、 Low voltage high current
As the working voltage of the microprocessor drops, the output voltage of the module power supply also drops from the previous 5V to the current 3.3V or even 1.8V. The industry predicts that the output voltage of the power supply will fall below 1.0V. At the same time, the current required by the integrated circuit increases, which requires the power supply to provide a large load output capacity. For 1v/100a module power supply, the effective load is equivalent to 0.01 Ω, and the traditional technology can not meet such difficult design requirements. In the case of 10m Ω load, each m Ω resistance on the path to the load will reduce the efficiency by 10%. The wire resistance of the printed circuit board, the series resistance of the inductor, the on resistance of the MOSFET and the core wiring of the MOSFET all have an impact on the efficiency.

3、 Extensive use of digital control technology
The digital signal control (DSC) technology is used to control the closed-loop feedback of the power supply and form a digital communication interface with the outside world. The module power supply adopting digital control technology is a new trend in the future development of the module power supply industry. At present, there are few products. Most module power supply enterprises do not master the module power supply technology of digital control. Pandawei, vice president of sales in the Asia Pacific region of International Rectifier Corporation (IR), believes that from the perspective of the development of the industry, In many applications, the requirement to improve energy efficiency will drive the demand for power management IC in the coming year. After several years of slow development, digital power management has entered a stage of rapid development. In the next 10 years, the key research on energy efficiency products is expected to promote the adoption of digital power management in applications such as DC-DC converters.

4、 Intelligent power module starts to heat up
IPM intelligent power module not only integrates power switching devices and driving circuits. In addition, there are fault detection circuits for overvoltage, overcurrent and overheating, and the detection signals can be sent to the CPU. It consists of a High-Speed Low-Power die, an optimized gate drive circuit and a fast protection circuit. Even in case of load accident or improper use, it can ensure that the IPM itself is not damaged. IPM generally uses IGBT as the power switching element, which contains the integrated structure of current sensor and driving circuit. IPM has won more and more markets for its high reliability and easy use. It is especially suitable for frequency converters and various inverter power supplies for driving motors. It is a very ideal power electronic device for variable frequency speed regulation, metallurgical machinery, electric traction, servo drive and variable frequency household appliances.

In 2014, with the continuous improvement of IC integration and intelligence, the industry also competed to provide higher power density packages, such as so8fl μ 8fl, phasefet, dual MOSFET packaging, etc. intelligent power modules will also achieve great development. At present, IR, ansenmey, linglilte and other companies have layout.

Statistics show that from 2004 to 2010, the annual sales of the global switching power supply market maintained an average growth rate of about 15%. According to the prediction of China Power Supply Association and ictresearch, the output value of China's power supply industry will reach 215.6 billion yuan and the output value of switching power supply will reach 187.5 billion yuan in 2015. From 2011 to 2015, the average annual compound growth rate was 13.39%! Although the prospect of open source power market is attractive, at present, the high-end market is mainly controlled by international brands. Local brands need to continue to strengthen product detail design, quality control and reliability in order to tap the big market.

From March 18 to 20, 2014, the highly anticipated Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition was held in Shanghai. In the power theme exhibition area, international first-line switching power supply manufacturers such as VICOR, synqor, Jietuo, Emerson, as well as Guangzhou jiante Electronics Co., Ltd., an invisible strong manufacturer of domestic modular power supply manufacturers, gathered together!

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